Island Resort-Themed Bathroom, Part Two

Stunning, aren’t they? These custom vanities were designed by Timothy in collaboration with a family in New Jersey to resemble an island paradise and transport their minds from the stress of everyday life to the serenity of the beaches.

At a glance, the vanity takes your breath away. The deep and shimmering greens in the granite countertop mimic palm fronds waving in and out of the sunlight as you walk along the shoreline. And the drawers, made of three different exotic woods that are the colors of the trees at sunset and the most comfortable pool-side chair, continue this mirage. The oil-rubbed bronze drawer pulls melt away into the wood and enhance the lightest tones at the same time. And finally, because the entire vanity is hung off the wall, it floats above the floor and gives the same meditative qualities that the entire bathroom radiates.

The true beauty of the vanity comes from the careful selection of raw materials. The drawers are made of Bolivian Rosewood, Zebrawood, and Lacewood. Rosewood carries red and deep-purple hues and has a slightly rustic appearance. Zebrawood, which is used through the rest of the addition as both visual accents and the floor in a spacious in-home office, is characterized by its stripes. Lacewood is blonde with honey tones and is treated with a high-gloss finish upwards of 10 times, which results in its iconic lace pattern and almost holographic appearance. Timothy chose these three exotic woods to use because of their rich colors and their ability to incorporate not only features of the bathroom but features of the entire addition. The dark and reddish hues of the Rosewood and Zebrawood draw on the decorative accents throughout the addition, while the lighter hues of the Lacewood tie in the walnut Travertine floors.

The pattern in the drawers, like the inset square at the large center drawer and the four triangles that compose the left and right large drawers, create a focal point for the eyes to rest on. The inset square of Zebrawood is aligned with both the small rectangular sink within the granite countertop and the large rectangular mirror above, which is surrounded by the same earth-tone pebbles and blue and green glass pebbles along the back wall and within the shower. Finally, each of the drawers is customized for its intended use (stainless steel inset cup for a toothbrush and toothpaste, a round cutout and cord reservoir for a hairdryer, and dividers to create square and rectangular spaces for makeup and brushes), which eliminates the need for a bulky makeup counter and leaves plenty of free counter space.

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