Island Resort-Themed Bathroom, Part One

You want the addition to your home in the calm suburbs to have just as much life and warmth as your favorite southern vacation spot, but how can you do this while keeping the new and the old a cohesive home? That’s just what Tim recently tackled in south-central New Jersey. The family quickly chose a tropical island resort theme to extend their fond memories from summer vacations with their family into their everyday life. Using colors that imitate the sunset for the in-home office and walk in-closet, and giving the master bedroom a rounded – called a barrel vaulted – zebrawood ceiling to capture a luxurious island feeling, designing the bathroom to match these creative rooms was tricky. After working with the family to perfect this room, Tim has revealed some of his techniques on incorporating an island theme in the bathroom.

When you first walk into the room, your eyes land on the beautiful shower at the center. With glass on all three sides, tape lights hidden above and below the shower behind sandstone blocks to trick the eye into thinking it is floating, and a wave blue and green smooth glass sprinkled among earth-tone pebbles along the back wall extending across the entire room, the warmth of the islands immediately comes to mind. Following this wave out from the shower, you see the matching his and hers vanities. Beautiful custom made vanities and a linen cabinet, whose door is made to blend into the wall to avoid throwing off the symmetry of the room, resemble the rich colors of the Zebrawood ceiling in the master bedroom and the Sapele Mahogany baseboards through the entire addition. Directly opposite the shower is the bathtub, which is surrounded by in-floor lights covered with opaque glass that are only slightly recessed so that similar blue and green glass within the wave can sit above them, again creates the illusion that the tub is floating. Connecting the master bedroom and bathroom is a real stone fireplace, with the glass of the fireplace aligned so that whether you are in bed or soaking in the tub, you can enjoy the warmth of the fire. Finally, behind a curved mahogany sliding door is the toilet, which allows for privacy in this very open bathroom, and for the beauty of the room to not be compromised by necessary appliances.

The key to incorporating this island theme is in the details. Using natural colors similar to the sands and palm trees of the tropics, as well as the shining blues and greens of the water, ties the room together to create a cohesive image. Mixing together geometric shapes, like those designed within the custom vanities or the squared shower, and more organic shapes, like the giant curved wave dropped into the back wall of the room, allows for the room to remain as visually intriguing as the rest of the addition. Smaller details like the tape light around the shower and bathtub, as well as the palm leaf imprinted sconces and amber stained glass pendants, replicates the sights of the island beaches and the sunsets. This bathroom radiates ethereal and meditative qualities which pull together the resort-centered theme.

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