Island Resort-Themed Bathroom, Part Three

To conclude this tour of the master bathroom, let’s focus on the floating shower and fire-side bathtub. These two ordinary fixtures, present in nearly every bathroom, were placed as separate features so that Timothy’s creativity could really shine.

The shower, the centerpiece of the room, has glass on all three sides to make it almost disappear into the wall behind. With the 20-foot wave of natural stone and blue and green pebbles unobstructed by any typical solid shower material, the theme of this room is fully present. Stepping inside the shower, there is a rain head fixture on the ceiling surrounded by similar natural stones and blue and green pebbles. The floor of the shower is made of the same “honey-walnut” travertine that covers the rest of the bathroom floor, adding to the continuity of the room despite so many custom features. And because of the glass walls, you can still view the gorgeous custom-made vanities and the elegant stained-glass pendant lights hanging above. Stepping out through the glass door, the real magic of this shower is created. With 1-foot high natural-hewn stone slabs – which were chiseled by hand to ensure that every piece is unique – placed a few inches above the floor, a wall from which soft light beneath the shower can escape. This is what creates the ethereal quality of a floating shower. Looking at this gap closer, Timothy used tape light hidden behind the natural-hewn stone slab and placed small strips of mirror along the shower to fill in that few inch gap from the floor, which makes the entire shower look like it is floating.

Similar to the shower, a luxurious bathtub with massaging water jets and an oversized faucet coming directly from the ground to fill the tub sits centered along the fireplace. With only a few inches between the tub walls and the glass of the fireplace, the warmth from the fire would fill the room on a cold wintery day. Matching the ethereal quality of the shower, the tub sits on top of opaque glass, which lets the soft light of the tape lights shine through. To disperse this light and incorporate the blue and green accents in the room, the translucent glass pebbles along the wave within the far wall of the room and at the top of the shower sit over the opaque glass. When the tape lights are on, this creates rays of light that escape the pebbles and muddled blue-green light, all of which reflects off the underside of the tub.

This bathroom, which transports the family from any rainy, gloomy day to an island paradise and a clear mind, is a sort of hidden gem of this addition. This three-part series on the assumedly ordinary feature of a master addition to a home in New Jersey has highlighted the overflowing creativity of Timothy’s design. Overall, this luxurious space compares to any island resort bathroom, which brings that peace of mind into everyday life.

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