Our Services

As a design/build company, Studio 810 Design offers both design and construction services. We can provide one or more of the following services:

Design - Sketch Phase Drawings

After consulting with you about your project to determine your project’s criteria and fundamental goals, we put pencil to paper to create schematic drawings that show potential layouts and designs in plan view and elevation. These help you to conceptualize, with clearer perspective as you and the designer work together troubleshooting and making necessary adjustments to come up with the best possible design solutions. These are not engineered or highly detailed.

Design - Construction Drawings

Once a winning sketch concept is selected, we expand the fundamental drawings into a complete set of highly detailed documented “Construction Drawings”.

The fully dimensioned and detailed drawings are meticulously assessed and revised as needed to ensure the design complies with structural, budget, and local code requirements. These are suitable for bidding, construction, and ready to be submitted for municipal building permits. These include electrical and plumbing plans, framing plans, structural beam details, all notes, dimensions and all specifications of finishes and methods needed to construct high-quality buildings.

Building - Construction

We take care of all the necessary steps to work with your municipality to obtain a building permit. If we determine special exceptions or variances are required, we can be hired to handle this process on your behalf as well.

From the very beginning in the design phase, we help you set a realistic budget based on your needs and what the price points are in the current market. Your project is designed so that the final construction contract price is in line with your expectations.

Of course, there are times, especially with renovations and additions, when unknowns or defects hidden behind walls can only be discovered after your project has begun. Based on our extensive experience we try to predict what defects could possibly be there and add an approximate prediction of potential costs to the contract to handle these defects if any are found. If no defects are uncovered, this money is returned to you. However, if the worst-case scenario plays out, your budget will not be strained with surprises.

One special part of constructing with us is that we will lead you, with your unique tastes and budget in mind, through selecting interior finishes such as hardware, paint colors, ceramic tile, marble, wood species, countertop materials, flooring, lighting, and plumbing fixtures so you don’t have to worry if it will all flow together aesthetically. We will ensure the project has a cohesive, well-designed, put together look that fits your personality, turning your project into your dream home.

Tim personally oversees and is directly involved in all projects that we build. As Timothy visits your jobsite, he will make any adjustments needed to continually look for the best finished project even after the plans are completed on paper.

One of our experienced construction project managers will oversee your project, addressing any questions or concerns that may arise. He will ensure the many details of your job are executed meticulously according to your construction drawings, while working with our own personal crew and our specialized subcontractors that we have come to trust for their expertise and workmanship over the years. Together we will work to bring your dream into reality.

Sketch Phase Drawings

Construction Drawings