Welcome to Studio 810 Design

Studio 810 Design is a premier design/build firm. We deliver design services to any location. Our construction services are typically provided, but not limited to a 2-hour radius from our location in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

The founder of Studio 810 Design, Timothy G. Strosser, brings 35+ years of experience in designing and constructing residential projects. He began his career within the design and drafting departments of engineering, design, and construction companies.

After 10 years, Tim opened his own design company, eventually expanding into project management and construction to ensure that his designs were completed with integrity to their full potential. This merger is what created Studio 810 Design, LLC as the full-service design/build company it is today.

At Studio 810 Design, we know that listening to the needs of clients is vital for creating positive working relationships and the success of each project. Studio 810 Design has fully implemented a program during the initial design phase that helps identify lifestyle, architectural preferences, budget, and goals to help customers envision the best version of their projects.

By taking the time to “get inside each customer’s mind” we can ensure each design is uniquely personalized and well-suited to ultimately create spaces that empower, energize, and support our clientele. This all begins with a consultation with Tim.

What to Expect

Upon first meeting with Tim, you’ll realize he’s passionate about design and helping you discover how your unique needs, goals and preferences can come together to help you realize your dream environment.

Tim’s experience designing and constructing hundreds of projects throughout the years has given him a wealth of knowledge and valuable foresight. This gives him a more comprehensive understanding of the scope of what’s involved in each potential project that’s presented to him.
As you consult with Tim about the design/build process, you’ll discover what you can expect with your project, including phases of design and construction, realistic expenses, zoning/variance issues, timelines and possible challenges that may arise.

Throughout the design and construction phases, you’ll be guided along the way with the many product options available to create a space that is personally unique and comfortable to you.

With every construction project, our team builds with professionalism and integrity, dedicating ourselves to respecting you and your home as though we are building it for ourselves, closest friends, and family. We hope that you, just like our many satisfied customers throughout the years, will positively reflect on your building experience with us as you sit back, enjoy, and appreciate the value, superior craftsmanship, function, and aesthetics of your newly energized space.